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American Airlines “takes over” flights from Miami

American Airlines “takes over” flights from Miami

North American Airlines, the company that flies the most to Cuba from the United States, has also pocketed flights from Miami International Airport (MIA). In an interview with the tourism magazine Reporter, Gonzalo Chamis, director of operations in South America, confirmed its growth, especially from South Florida.

The 2023-2024 holiday programming reinforces American’s commitment to Miami, with flights to 150 destinations. The most of any airline at MIAincluding more than 85 unique destinations.” precise The manager in this conversation.

According to the businessman, American operates hundreds of daily flights from its main hubs in Dallas-Fort Worth and Charlotte, to connect travelers to local and international destinations. Exactly more than 800 daily flights from Dallas-Fort Worth and 600 from Charlotte. enormous!

If you want to explore Europe from the United States, American will soon offer new nonstop options from Philadelphia to Copenhagen, Denmark; Naples, Italy; Nice, France. Additionally, you can fly directly from Dallas-Fort Worth to Barcelona and from Chicago to Venice.

American Airlines flights to Cuba from Miami

Although many companies such as Delta, United or Southwest fly to Cuba from the United States, it is undoubtedly American Airlines that “controls” these connections through various flights to Jose Marti” in Havana and daily connections to the interior of Cuba. The country, to the air stations in Santa Clara, Camaguey, Santiago de Cuba, Holguin and others.

For example, American continues to operate eight daily flights from Miami to Havana, although it has decreased to seven flights on Saturdays. It also reduced its contacts with Santa Clara from two newspapers to one. All this is due to the supposed “reduced demand” for flights from the northern country to the island.

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For this reason, JetBlue also recently suspended flights to Havana, and Delta and United have also canceled some flights, especially from New York.