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America dominate Chivas in Azteca and set foot in Apertura 2022 final

America dominate Chivas in Azteca and set foot in Apertura 2022 final

With a score of 3-1, Ángel Villacampa’s Aguilas has an advantage in the semi-finals.

chivas Taking a step back in the search for a double championship MX Women’s League. America He crushed Rojiblancas 3-1 in the National Classics and has one foot in the final Inaugural tournament 2022.

on paper, chivas He seemed like the frontrunner to finish the regular tournament as a super captain, but a great desire from America To win the series to return to another final four years later, the scales tilted in his favour, and in the semi-finals, at Akron Stadium, he will seek to finish his work.

as host, America He went with everything forward from the start, causing chivas I’ll wait in the middle of the field. Although the first fifteen minutes were filled with intense struggle, creating friction, interruptions in play and a warning to the team, America always tried to make a difference.

Better America It was his desire to break through the red and white goal, though he struggled to be obvious, and with that attitude he almost didn’t lend the ball. Chivas.

The Tapatias did not have the strength when they were looking to counterattack, and without much contact in their lines, they quickly lost the ball.

America Finally he was able to conquer everything: torrential rain and narrow marks for the opponent, and by the arrival of the team in the 25th minute he was close to opening the scoring and in the 33rd minute he succeeded.

Pizza Cassandra Cuevas He got it and scored 1-0. The Eagles were making the expense and redoubling their efforts. At 37 minutes they made a low shot that hit the post.

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Feathered owners went to rest with a well-deserved advantage.

The second part has changed for the better. chivas He has already started playing with the ambition of making it to the scoreboard, although only four minutes later Katie Martinez The “killer” stood in front of the goalkeeper and shot it from close range, only the red and white avoided the second yellow goal with a refusal.

With the two teams up front, the game really looked like a classic, because chivas He attacked and in the 51st minute he hit the ball into a pole and after five minutes America Make it 2-0. at 57′ Scarlett Hooligans She received a serve from Katie and her right hand identified her before the goalkeeper came out.

Losing half the time was costing him a lot. chivas, which had half the support of the Aztecs, so all was well in this aspect; but America He didn’t walk with the stories and at 67′ he already crushed the tough contender 3-0.

Nicolette Hernandez She was the top scorer and the emotion of the stands was reflected in the shouts. fans paid chivas to strive to shorten the distance, but the visiting team had no knack for tying several plays together at a time when pressure was prey to the team; But the cries of Chivas and Chivas..! They tweaked the Azteca to get players to make at least one click that would serve them well in the second leg. at the time of compensation, Jacqueline Rodriguez 3-1 record.

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