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America and Tigres will face each other in the 2023 Liga MX Apertura final

America and Tigres will face each other in the 2023 Liga MX Apertura final

Mexico City. /

everything is ready! This Sunday The grand finale Of heroism opening of the mexican league 2023, After what the UANL Tigers They will be able to get through UNAM Pumas With a global score of 2-1, they reached the second final in a row. from their side, American Eagles He represents the other finalist, after imposing his quality before the tournament was revealed: Atletico San Luis (5-2 overall).

America’s dominant eagles

The semi-finals of Opening 2023 They started with Ida from the series in between Atlético de San Luis and Aguilas del America, The same game that Coapa dominated from start to finish. The ones he drives Andre Jardin They showed a resounding victory, beating Potosinos 0-5. Goal henry martin, Added to binaries by Diego Valdes and Julian Quiñones It was enough to define the series.

However, the brave band led by Gustavo José da Silva Lille He surprised Rojiblanco and Azulcremas fans by taking the ball Precious victory in Aztec Stadium With a score of 0-2. Although the victory was not enough to avoid elimination, the double did it Angel Zaldivar And emerge victorious Mexico City It was enough to bid farewell to San Luis Opening 2023 With his head held high.

Tigres goes to the tournament twice

On the other hand, the current Mexican football champion achieved a valuable victory in the duel with Ida in the tournament University Olympic Stadium before UNAM Pumas (0-1). Amazing goal by Jesus Angelo It was enough for the people of Monterrey to seize the opportunity to define everything in the world volcano.

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For a rematch in UANL University Stadium, Those directed by Antonio Muhammad They opened the scoring thanks to a powerful header Gabriel Fernandez. However, a cannon was fired as a courtesy Juan Vijon That was enough to destroy a target Julio Gonzalez The overall score was 2-1 in favor Tigers.

America vs. Tigres, the grand final of the inaugural tournament 2023

the American Eagles They will aim to get Address No. 14 And enhance its legend as the winningest team in the history of Mexican football. from their side, UANL Tigers They want to win the championship twice, which is to say The ninth star For royal painting. This way, these Robert Dante Ciboldi I’ll tie Blue cross They will be among the top 5 successful teams in League MX.