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Almonte dice concluyó licitación para Catalina

Almond says the tender for Catalonia is over

Santo Domingo, R.D.

Minister of Energy and Mining (MEM), Antonio Almondo reported Tender to undertake technical-forensic audit of construction and operationElectric Thermal Power Station Catalina Point.

Almond declared the award recipient a dignitary The North American company also works as an adviser to the US government Detailed information on electricity and the award will be provided in the coming days.

Regarding the financial tender for the Punta Catalina, Almond said This is the third time the media has called National and international

El Rambo de la Masana on the radio show, The MEM holder has promised to audit the finances of Ponta Catalina So people know, based on studies, the actual cost of the energy complex.

The minister clarified that the tender was initiated twice for the financial audit of the Punta Catalina project and that they should declare it invalid after one or two signatures submitted without the necessary conditions. He noted that any information could be the result of an audit study into what happened at that thermoelectric plant.

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