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Alicia Machado shares her bad moment: "I cried so hard"

Alicia Machado shares her bad moment: “I cried so hard”

Alice Machado He is not going through the best personal moment and has also shared it with an open heart on his social networks.

The Venezuelan realized that she hasn’t been feeling well lately, and even gave details of what these past days have been like.

And she wrote on her personal account on Instagram: “I cried unbearably to remember the past few weeks when I felt exhausted, disappointed, and did not want to continue doing anything.”

(Photo by Jose R. Madera/Getty Images) Alice Machado

However, despite his discomfort, he admits it Story of the Angela AlvarezAnd the The 95-year-old, who just won a Latin Grammy for Best New Artist, is back in the mood.

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“God presents Himself in different ways and speaks to us through His children, this lady, God bless her, and she does not know how her story comes in time for my life!

Alicia was hit hard less than a month ago. The 45-year-old translator lost one of the most important women in her life: her grandmother.

that is the true I left her “broken” and “heartbroken”, in his words. Since then, she has admitted to feeling a little hopeful. Seeing this unborn woman achieve her dream at that age was a catalyst for Alicia to get up and continue on her own path.

“From now on I will dedicate my achievements to my favorite Cuban. My beloved and unforgettable grandmother, Alicia, will always be with me, I love you,” he said.

Messages of support and affection from colleagues and followers were immediate, highlighting at all times the strength that always allowed him to shine through and out of very difficult moments.

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