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Alicia Machado did not hold her tongue and swept the floor with Paulina Rubio: “It’s very unbearable”

Alicia Machado did not hold her tongue and swept the floor with Paulina Rubio: “It’s very unbearable”

Since he was participating in his reality show Canela TV, “Secrets of the Invincible”actress Alicia Machado, she gave us something to talk about more than usual, because in the chances she had to admit, women gave some characters a hard time. His new victim: Paulina Rubio. In the singer’s last broadcast Yuri He talked about an experience he had when he met Luis MiguelWhich prompted the Venezuelan to criticize Rubio.

In his speech, Machado revealed that Paulina is not a nice person. “This lady Paulina, she is so rude and unbearable, what happens is that one never says anything. Sorry, but yes, it is unbearable.”He commented seriously Miss Venezuela 1995. “And Bao is a pure candle (…) What a shame! Yes, it is heavy. What a pity.”The actress concluded.

All this happened when Transgman “The damned spring” he said that “Golden Girl”she wanted to conquer Luis Miguel at any cost, even though the singer offered it to her in the first place Yuri To go to him, but the blonde admitted that she wasn’t his type. Given this, Machado doubted what the Aztecs said. “Isn’t Luis Miguel the type? No man, but it was because the other one beat you to it, but of course, how could she not want to be with you if you’re so cool?Machado expressed.

Raw revelations about the former beauty queen

a few days ago, Alicia became trending after she accused her ex-partner Jose Manuel Figueroa of assaulting her. Once he arrived “for drinks” at the house where they lived, prompting the Creole to immediately distance herself from him. “Suddenly, the man with a hand that big, from a man that big, turned around and slapped me, but out of nowhere. “I never understood how this man isn’t in prison.”Winner announced “House of the Famous 1.”

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Machado achieved what he wanted, raised dust and made the singer respond to him. But it is clear that everything will be complicated for the Venezuelan, because Figueroa confirmed that he would exercise legal force against her for defaming him, and accused her of being the aggressor, just when he prepared a surprise for her on her birthday.

“On the occasion of his birthday, a year after we met, I talked to his representative to organize a surprise party for him. “She became very jealous, got upset with me, hit me and automatically canceled the surprise party (…) I understand that it is her job, and that she is a controversial person, but sometimes the statements “It has consequences.” The artist said.