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Alexis Vega's novel with Chivas takes another turn

Alexis Vega’s novel with Chivas takes another turn

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The player’s representative and the board continue talks to determine the future of Rojiblanco ’10’

Alexis faces Vega in the match against Juárez (IMAGO 7)
© Jam Media 2022, Jam MediaAlexis faces Vega in the match against Juárez (IMAGO 7)

opportunities that Alexis Vega and Chivas reach agreement to extend contract From the attacker of the sacred flock is still lurking. Although it is true that the conversations proceeded slowly, There is confidence in Guadalajara that they will come to an agreement that satisfies both parties.

Over the past few hours, a version has surfaced that “Gru” has decided to fulfill the remaining year of his contract and after that he will go for free to European football; but nevertheless, This case is not final yet There can be Good news for chivahermanos.

fountain Confirmed to Ribaño Pasyon that conversations between the directing and a representative of the “10” in Guadalajara remain dormant, although they have progressed more slowly than expected, since There is goodwill on both sides, Some of the agreements that will be his contract with Guadalajara are detailed.

During Wednesday press Ignacio ‘Fantasma’ Suárez confirmed on social networks that even Vega would be upset with the board because of the desire to Ricardo Pelaez for leaving her inactive To pressure him to sign a new agreement with Rojiblanco.

What stops Alexis regeneration?

The board has been making efforts to get Vega to sign, ever since They offered him more than double his salary What you currently get; However, the main demand of football people is dDetails of the item that is allowed to immigrate to Europe In case you receive any offer in the coming months.

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