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Alex Rodriguez posts unpublished photos in Dominican outfit

Alex Rodriguez posts unpublished photos in Dominican outfit

Legendary former baseball player Major Leagues – MLBAnd the Alex RodriguezThey posted pictures in manga land they want to see, pictures of my outfit Dominican Republic.

In the middle of the celebration of the Independence Day of the Dominican Republic, former baseball player Alex Rodriguez did not hesitate to congratulate his country by posting photos on social networks in a Quisqueyanos outfit, which he managed to defend professionally in a friendly match. matches and practices, as he has not played any official tournament with this nation.

Happy Dominican Independence Day! 🇩🇴,” A-Rod wrote in his letter.

Rodriguez, born in the United States but of Dominican ancestry, played in the World Baseball Classic (2006), but with the Americans, it never happened with the Dominican Republic. However, in 2009, he took advantage of his dual citizenship and wore friendly clothes and trained with “Mangu Power”, but the injury forced him to retire and he did not play in the aforementioned World Cup event.

The Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers and New York Yankees were the teams A-Rod defended in MLB, all of them making history and hailed as one of the best players in the entire game.

But, certainly in the Dominicans, they owe it to seeing him play the World Classic accompanied by other legends like Albert Pujols and David Ortiz, however, Alex Rodriguez does not forget his Latin roots and celebrates Independence Day like a Dominican, with pride.

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