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Alejandro Iraraguri mocks Grupo Orleigh's critics

Alejandro Iraraguri mocks Grupo Orleigh’s critics

Mexico City /

Alejandro Iraragurifounder and chairman of Grupo Orlegi, Use his social networks to send a sarcastic message For everyone who criticizes the organization for his latest work He hits.

The association has received several accusations and more Currently With the Atlas Championship twicea team belonging to Grupo Orlegi.

review Hobby They got to the point that they did so Spread of the hashtag “Liga Orlegi MX” ; This is because of the achievements they have achieved in recent seasons in Mexican football.

Iraraguri He did not keep silent, and instead of “installing”, Send a sarcastic message to all of these detractors from the assembly.

THANKS TO DOOR ORLEGIAppreciation is appreciated… the helplessness of those who do not know how to win and They tear themselves apart to explain the inexplicable It’s amazing. 6 leagues in 32 tournaments. Let’s go for more! Entrepreneur wrote.

Grupo Orlegi has won four titles with Santos Laguna and the championship twice they just Get Red and black Atlas.

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