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Alejandro Fernández estrena look y en las redes sociales lo llaman "señora”

Alejandro Fernandez appeared for the first time and on social networks they call him a “lady”.

name of Alexander Fernandez It’s also a trend on social networks, that’s after the singer shared several photos in which he was seen looking more relaxed and that deserved hundreds of ridicule and Reviews on social networks.

In the postcards, the 51-year-old artist is shown with longer hair and completely white, wearing a flowery chiffon shirt, blue shorts, and a pair of gold earrings; This photo was enough for many users of social networks to begin calling him “Mrs. Kopitona” and even allocate some anti-gay messages.

“Alejandro Fernandez is the wonderful lady we all want to be, someday,” “My grandmother divorced, decided to be free and now travels the world. Envy will say it’s Alejandro Fernandez,” “We live long enough to see Alejandro Fernandez become Lady of the Hills,” “Alejandro Fernandez You start to be Don Vicente Fernandez and end up being a real Donna Coquita,” “Every day sounds like a mature lesbian, Alejandro Fernandez,” are the comments to read.

But not everything was offensive to the translator of “how to lose a star”, there were also some of his fans who came to his defense and denounced that someone’s clothes are a source of ridicule towards their manhood, especially since it is currently the case. They fought for a much more community Inclusive and forgiving.

The fact is that the singer is not the first to wear some clothes that are considered feminine, artists such as Harry Styles or reggaeton singer Bad Bunny have appeared on various platforms and magazines in dresses, skirts and even bikinis and far from receiving this. Many criticisms As with the “pony”, you have been recognized as fashion icons and personalities who break the stigma of society.

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El Potrillo’s clothes are worth a millionaire

While some mock Charo’s outfit, others have made it clear that despite everything, it’s not a look that everyone can imitate, with the clothes he wears being valued at thousands of pesos.

The shirt alone costs more than 41 thousand pesos, while the earring exceeds a significant amount of 70 thousand Mexican pesos.

In addition, the cost of the exclusive watch in which he appears is two million pesos, not counting the glasses, shoes and the place where the photos were taken, since it is Venice, Italy; Where he is currently with his girlfriend, model Carla Laviaga.