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Alan Estrada reveals that he is gay and sends a message of support to the community: “You are not alone”

  • Alan Estrada asserts that all people deserve love and understanding.
  • Netizens showed their understanding towards celebrities.

Mexican singer and actor Alan Estrada surprised his followers on social networking sites by opening his heart and publicly admitting his sexual orientation, After revealing that some of the dates that took place within the framework of Christmas made him think about it.

Through his Twitter account, he, who is also an influencer, explained that although he is not used to talking about his private and personal life, he wanted to show his followers that The LGBTTTI community said they were not alone in their struggle for social acceptance.

On the morning of December 26, Alan Estrada explained that even though he was never in the closet, because his family and the important people in his life always knew his preferences, He considered it important to recognize that he was gay, as a way of showing solidarity with those who had been rejected by their families.

“I never talk about my private life, my close circle knows that I am gay and that I am surrounded by beautiful people. But this Christmas, I’ve seen so many people suffer because of their inclinations and their family’s disapproval.” explained the musician.

This is the message shared by Alan Estrada

He added that he celebrates the existence of many families who can accept their members without any problem, regardless of their orientation, as he affirmed that each individual must be loved and deserved. “You are not alone, I celebrate you and you deserve to love and be loved.”

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Although this message surprised some, many netizens were proud of their orientation and grateful to the musician for making something so special to the public, and more to show solidarity with the people who were fired.

Being visible is a choice, and doing so to share some hope is one of the noblest things we can do for our community. Thanks for sharing, Alan, Empathy is a value that is encouraged, and your visibility matters. And the way you do it, thank you,” are some of the comments on the networks.

Alan Estrada confirmed that he supports the LGBTTTI community