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After September 2023, the US military will excavate Cono Martin Pena

After September 2023, the US military will excavate Cono Martin Pena

San Juan – After allocating $ 163 million, The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE, English) Caño Martín Peña’s excavation in San Juan is estimated to begin in approximately one and a half or two years, due to the time it takes to award interim agreements and contracts. Construction.

“Over the next year and a half, we’re more or less talking about finding contractors on the field with drilling, cleaning and establishing procedures.” Engineer Brenda Calvende, chair of USACE’s Office of Integrated Programs in the Antilles, promised.

Over the past twenty years, due to health problems and flooding caused by the pollution and stagnation of this water body, the demand for digging the channel has mobilized the eight communities represented and represented in the G8 group.

Calvende noted The federal agency expects the construction contract to be awarded by September 2023, Which means that it takes an additional two to three months to start the dredging work.

Meanwhile, the governor Peter Pierre Lucy Promised, with the Commissioner of Citizenship in Washington DC Jennifer Gonzalez, Will take care of “Push the federal bureaucracy because we want construction to begin before the third semester (quarterly) of 2023.”.

Calvende explained through his participation via video conference that this extension was due to the need to create a Memorandum of Understanding between the United States Army, the Link Project and the Army. Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DRNA). Also, two contracts needed to implement this project are in the process of being finalized.

Match with state funds

While it is estimated that it will cost $ 285 million to dig up the channel, the state government will have to match the remaining $ 91 million. Of that amount, Pierluisi said $ 40 million should be paid in cash to USACE.

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“A large portion of that amount is already in the hands of ENLACE. Something may be missing, but we’re not going to cut it … the government has the cash, the capital has the goods … there is no problem in delivering it. ”Pierre Lucy said.

His administration allocates $ 133 million for sewer projects and pledges FEMA funding to improve stormwater and road systems that prevent sewage pollution.

“My word is promised”, Swore an oath to the Governor that he would have an “unwavering commitment” to the construction of infrastructure to guarantee the quality of life in G-8.