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After being deported to the United States, Lasso honors journalist Emilio Palacio.

After being deported to the United States, Lasso honors journalist Emilio Palacio.

President of Ecuador William Lasso This Wednesday, March 23, 2022 at noon, decorated for a journalist deported to the United States, Emily Palace“For his tireless struggle for freedom of expression in Ecuador” with the official National Order of Merit.

“It simply came to our notice then Tribute to Emilio PalacioI greatly admire the defense of one of the most sacred rights: The Freedom of expressionLasso wrote on his Twitter account.

Emilio finally returned to his country Years of persecution, Another to the esteemed Ecuador. We welcome you, ”the President concluded.

“I am proud to receive this medal Press MedalFought for more than 10 years to defend a sacred principle: freedom of expression, which is the only tool to protect our rights. It is our right to allow it To protect our rights“, According to a statement from the Presidential Secretariat.

Palacio announced his return on March 21, 10 years later Deported In the United States.

Former comment author of Universe newspaper He was sentenced in 2011 to three years in prison and fined $ 30 million. Slanderous insults Intensity against power. The directors of that media received the same sentence in the case of El Universo.

The plaintiff was a former president Raphael Korea Described as contempt a Feedback piece In that newspaper, de Palacio referred to the actions of the former president during the September 30, 2010 police uprising.

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Korea apologized to the accused in 2012, but the case was taken to court. U.S. Court of Human Rights (IA Court).

In that case, it was announced Ecuador’s “international responsibility” For violating Palacio’s right to freedom of expression, legal policy, rotation and residence, job security, judicial guarantees and judicial protection.