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After a video posted by Senator Rodriguez Fifi, they attacked the influencer Magda |  The stage

After a video posted by Senator Rodriguez Fifi, they attacked the influencer Magda | The stage

This morning, the Dignity Project senator posted a video showing comedian, Fredo Vega, playing his famous character Magda at a welcome party from Antonio Luchetti Vocational School in Arecibo.

In the video, you can watch Magda dancing a reggaeton with two adults while the students enjoy the moment.

Senator Rodriguez Fifi hinted that the actions seen in the video are what will be used to advance education from a gender perspective in the country’s schools. As a result of the legislator’s publication, homophobic comments against Vega and her work flooded social networks.

Looking at this, the young man responded and emphasized that “it is painful to read every derogatory comment and hate attack raised against me about my sexual orientation, my personality and my work.”

“Today I wake up with posts on social networks by organizations and religious leaders, using my photo to spark a discussion about their struggle against a gender perspective in the island’s schools. Their attempt to move forward in their struggle led to anti-gay attacks and against messages of hate that I never wished anyone would send,” he said. The 25-year-old Actor in Networks: It hurts me, because I went there in a very professional way to do my job, what I eat daily and what I enjoy doing so much.”

Members of the country’s conservative sector, who raised their claims against a gender perspective, labeled the young man a “transgender” and even rated his work as “disgusting.”

Vega emphasized that he is a women’s-wearing man, but explained that he does so “as an artistic expression with an educational vision and motivation and finding them doing what I love.”

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“I don’t dress as a trans woman, although I love and respect my community. Magda is a character like any other character that has appeared in our art community, such as Plinia, Minga, Petraca and others who have been our television and entertainment heroes for years,” he added.

At the same time a member of the program Joblessbroadcasted by speakerRequest to respect the LGBTQ+ community. “We don’t deserve more hate,” he said.

“As a believer in God, I believe that there is no greater sin in this world than promoting hate through misinformation. This controversy created by some sectors is a vivid example of the urgent need to change education in the country. The educated population with a gender perspective has not seen gay dressed transgender men transform into other young men, nor will they demean young men dressed in violet. Instead, they could see reality: an artist searching for them through his character motivating and empowering students from the island who began a new academic challenge after many ups and downs.”

It must be remembered that due to hate-laden posts towards members of the LGBTQ+ community, lives have been lost. The most recent case in Puerto Rico is that of Alexa, a transgender woman who was murdered after photos and videos of her were circulated on social networks where a dressed man reportedly entered the bathroom.