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Admit how much time he spent without intimate relationship

Admit how much time he spent without intimate relationship

Sarah Uribe has been at the center of many controversies on social networks due to the publications and dynamics that she makes on her official accounts. The former champion of Nuestra Tele 2012 has used her media career to define herself and thus reveal some details of her private life.

Although Al-Bisa has managed to capture the attention of thousands of people with her beauty, behavior and the projects she carries out, there are still hundreds of detractors who criticize and often attack her because of her personal aspects that come to the fore. The Colombian celebrity has defended herself and shown how little the insults on the digital scene can affect her When they point to the end of the relationship he had with Freddy Guarín.

Recently, the model caught the attention of more than one curious person on Instagram, having once again conducted a Q&A activity. Uribe used some of his time to have fun with his followers and Clear doubts about your current life and some intimate details.

Showing a bit of the routine she had in the morning to get ready, the Colombian enabled the box for questions and didn’t hesitate to loosen her tongue with more than curiosity about her private life. As I have expressed in the past, your reality has changed dramatically and priorities vary, which is why many are surprised to see that intimate relationships are no longer the main things.

Sarah Uribe- Photo: Instagram screenshot /Sara Uribe

And according to what was recorded in one of the stories of the official account of the program presenter on Instagram, a person He was interested to know when was the last time he had intercourse. Sarah did not hesitate to put a funny tone on her answer, detailing her decisions in the matter.

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He wrote, “The last time of ‘delicious’?” Curiosity in dynamics.

“Yasmine. I haven’t eaten “delicious” in a really long time. Do you know why? Because when I go to bed with someone it’s full of love and because I have to love them so much.’,” Albiza said in the clip uploaded to her profile, sparking users’ curiosity about the type of man she is attracted to.

Other people wanted to go into detail as to what characteristics a person must have in order for Sarah to like them, so she pointed out and revealed what attracts a man’s attention the most. The former hero started by mentioning that What interests him most is that he is a “good man,” because in this capacity he can be “a good father, a good son, a good brother, a good worker, and a good business owner.”

However, on the topic of physique, the introduction showed her preference and penchant for certain types of men, explaining that “there are blacks who like them.” In the same way, he joked, “He doesn’t know where it tastes.” Exposing himself to these words he criticizes the haters.

Will Sarah Uribe forgive the cut?

One of the questions the presenter received regarding her personal life focused on whether she would forgive parts, as long as the man gives her everything. Uribe emphasized that he doesn’t care about anyone’s money and that he focuses on other things when he’s having a relationship with someone.

Nothing is more beautiful than loyalty, and nothing is more beautiful than beautiful love. Beautiful love sets you free, you don’t have a choice, it will always be your priority, it will always take care of you, it will always respect you, it will never hurt you because you don’t want them to do that to yourself. , referred to in response to the question.

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“I think one can eat rice with eggs, When you have a beautiful love by your side, you will be the happiest person in the worldHe added in his words.