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Adamari Lopez answers the million dollar question: How do you think Tony is actually with her partner? Gossip does not like disclosure

Adamari Lopez.

Photo: Sergi Alexander / Getty Images

he said “wonderful” Adamari Lopez When the journalist asked him:How do you think Toni -Costa- is already with her partner, has it been made official? It has been said for days that Evelyn Beltran, also known as “La Picota”, is the new love of the famous Spanish choreographer.

The situation was hard to avoid for Adamari Lopez, who was called when she was coming down from the judges’ area at the Miss Universe contest, a competition that took place in Israel.

The first question that attracted the journalist made her stop and answer calmly and with complete happiness, was about how she felt about this experience, with being a judge for the first time at a beauty event no less important than Miss Universe. calm. Happy. smiling. Adamari Lopez replied. The second question, the last one asked by the journalist, erased Adamari’s smile, to which she answered yes, but when she smiled she did not do so anymore when he first called her.

“Wonderful,” said Alaa’s mother. And it is the fact that Tony Costa shows himself in public, presumably with his new love, is what has made many media outlets such as Gossip No Like confirm or verify what they are saying. And if to add to that, Adamari has been saying for weeks that she and Toni won’t be back. Well, for many, it all makes more sense.

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