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Actor Irwin Fernandez shames Cuban artists after protests in Caimanera

Actor Irwin Fernandez shames Cuban artists after protests in Caimanera

CubitaNOW write ~ Sunday, May 7, 2023

Actor Erwin Fernandez told Cuban artists to go to shame on Sunday after they recorded a massive public protest in Caimanera, in the eastern territory of Guantanamo.

Through his social networks, Fernandez responded to the anti-government demonstrations by dozens of Guantanamo residents who took to the streets on Saturday to demand freedom.

He also called on his colleagues in the art world to respect people’s feelings and put aside “narcissistic” prints on Sunday.

“Now let’s see how many artists, whom I love and respect, will post narcissistic and celebratory images on social media after yesterday,” the actor wrote.


“A little shame…… at least,” he mused before posting another post in which he confirmed that May 7 would be officially announced in Cuba as “El Día del Borracho,” referring to the regime’s pronouncements. The client who said that the protests were not, as we have seen, spontaneous and popular, but a reaction to the behavior of three drunks.

“It’s time to start respecting drunks,” said the Miami-based Cuban actor.

said Lázaro Castellanos Matos, a member of the municipal office of the Caimanera party.

The system official, in an attempt to cancel the protests, noted that “three citizens who disrupted public order under the influence of alcohol and had the reaction of the authorities and the population,” caused an uproar.

“It is about an act of social indiscipline that requires the presence of elements of public order, when many citizens, some of them drunk, were shouting in the street expressions against the Cuban social process and the dissatisfaction that had to be addressed. United with the forces of the system, other people contributed to The residents concentrated in the street, who responded to it, dissuaded themselves and returned to their homes. At this moment, the streets of Caimanera are calm. This is confirmed by these photos and the Lázaro video. On the other hand, the local newspaper added beat.

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