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Equipaje reportado como robado “nunca llegó" al AILA, según investigación

According to investigations, the stolen baggage “never” reached AILA

The Baggage reported stolen By a passenger at Las Americas International Airport (AILA), Didn’t get to the station According to an investigation conducted by the Dominican Airport Security and Investigations Department XXI (Aerodom).

The investigation began after the broadcast of a video clip, which was posted on the networks, in which Kipsia Matos made the complaint.

Aerodom explained that Ms. Matos was called and greeted at the station to show her all the videos of her flight process as it was established that her luggage never arrived in the country.

According to the entity’s explanations, Matos arrived in the Dominican Republic via Las America Airport, on an Air Iberia flight from Zurich, with a layover in Madrid, Spain.

The The company indicated that the identification card of the passenger’s bag was destroyed On the way, which means that his baggage has not been taken up by airline staff at its place of origin.

Ierodom added that along with the airline employees and officers of the Specialized Authority in Airport Security and Civil Aviation (Cesac), they showed the passenger the flight manifest, which indicates that the TAG baggage is not checked.

They also indicated that they remain in contact with Matos, with the aim of supporting her so that the Iberian airline can locate and deliver its luggage “as soon as possible”.

In terms of baggage security controls, Aerodom highlighted that in the past two years the system at AILA has been enhanced with the installation of approximately 600 additional high-resolution cameras at various nerve points on the terminal.

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“We have acquired eight new data storage servers of 208 terabytes each, which allows us to keep all images generated at the airport for 90 days from registration,” the entity reported, which also added that it is currently in the process of installing an additional 300 cameras in All airports and five other servers.

The company, which operates six of the major airports in the Dominican Republic through a concession contract with the government, has confirmed its commitment to facilitating the travel process and offering the best entry and exit doors into the country.