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A Abinader le gustaría que Cuba asista a Cumbre de Las Américas

Abenader would like Cuba to attend the Summit of the Americas

President Luis Abenader expressed his sentiments “happiest” to attend Summit of the Americas if Cuba is also present.

“The United States is the host of this summit, and in that sense they have the power to invite those they see. I think Cuba has attended this summit on other occasions and what we have to do is decide what issues we are going to discuss.The chief said.

At the beginning of May, the United States ruled out inviting governments Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela To the Summit of the Americas to be held in June in Los Angeles, because he thinks so They don’t respect democracy”.

“Cuba, Nicaragua and the (Nicolas) Maduro regime do not respect the Democratic Charter of the Americas, and therefore I do not expect them to exist,” US Under Secretary of State for Latin America and the Caribbean, Brian Nichols, reported, according to the IAEA. EFE.

The Dominican president added that they would respect the decision of the United States. However, he pointed out “That if there is an opportunity in a time of global crisis because some countries want to come to speakr than those who unite us and leave aside those who divide us, we also agree and are happier to attend.”

He also pointed out that Ibero-American summit In 2023, Spain, Portugal and Andorra are included as well as Latin American countries.

“There we will invite all nations because we must define the purpose of the summit, if it is for democracy, if it is to advance electoral issues or if it is a summit to talk about what unites us or what divides us,” he specified. The head of state when talking about the subject.

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