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Abinader aumenta a militares pensionados ganan menos $10,000

Abenader increases the income of military retirees under $10,000

Yesterday, President Louis Abenader announced several measures in favor of military retirees, including an increase for all those whose salaries are less than NT$10,000.

And when the president approached the podium to deliver his speech, the present retirees stood and chanted at the same time: “Increase, increase, increase, increase,” without knowing that the measure that will benefit 5271 retirees will be announced.

The head of state also led the delivery of about 200 super cards, out of a total of 2,971 intended for retirees. The President explained that this ruling immediately results in a lowering of the Sinasa Co-Insurance contribution, since whoever paid 6.3% will now pay 3.4%, because the Department of Defense will pay 2.9% of their contributions.

“Today we are not doing anything special but doing a little bit of justice for the many people like you who have given so much for so little and this is one of the obligations we have to give the armed forces a decent income for you and your family,” said .. President Abenader.

“It is essential for a program like Supérate to impact the lives of our armed forces as it does in other areas and other sectors. This conviction has led us to integrate 2,971 people into the programme.

Abenader expressed that public servants deserve appreciation and gratitude, as well as public policies that protect them and give them guarantees and serve them even when they are no longer on the front lines.

While Major General Carlos Antonio Fernandez Onover, head of the Retirement Board and the Armed Forces Pension Fund, said the government is “creating conditions for everyone to have a decent life, a pension and a decent return.”

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