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A woman walks in the middle of the rain to see her boyfriend

She is the Chosen One: A woman walks through the rain to see her boyfriend. Photo: video capture TikTok via @marioalegre2

“She’s the chosen one,” was one of the comments Mario Alegre received in a video he posted on March 11. Tik Tok Where you can see the moment when his girlfriend came to see him in the rain.

In the recording, the young man, who is from Peru, wrote, “Tell my girlfriend I felt bad,” and showed heavy rain on the street. He then remarked, “It’s in the middle of the rain,” and the woman was seen drenched in water as she ran towards her home and then greeted him.

Mario titled the video: “So, This Is Love” and musicalized the romantic moment with the song “My Sweet Love” by Mon Lafferty and Enrique Banbury.

In the post, several people wrote advice to the young man: “You don’t have a girlfriend, you have the purest and most sincere love”, “I’m tired of being just a spectator. Take her to the moon for us “,” I appreciate her so much bro, my ex was too and I lost her ” “,” I also want to live this dream “,” Then they leave with the person who doesn’t “,” Don’t lift a finger from them “,” Take care of her, no woman would do that business “,” A woman who makes you feel unique, respected, honest, loves God, and tries to Be the best every day, here she is “,” She is the chosen one, brother “,” I was like that I was dying for him and in the end he cheated on me. I am currently with someone who shows me every single day that I am important to them.

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In a video clip he shared at the beginning of March, the young man commented on how they met: “One day I met a critic and fan of Kenya Os and decided to keep her. Now we criticize Kenya and listen to it together.”

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