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A video of Messi's children in a joyful celebration of the title

A video of Messi’s children in a joyful celebration of the title

Thiago (centre) and Matteo Messi (blue jersey), in celebration of the Copa America title with their father; Accompanying Ciro, the youngest of the three brothers

The video was uploaded Antonella Roccuzzo Argentinian early morning. The players were already in the crazy locker room between celebrations and beer After beating Brazil 1-0 In the Copa America final. While Lionel Messi was dancing and screaming in the Maracana, his children did so in Rosario.

Thiago and Matteo Messi, with cheerful cries; Ciro, a little shy, hardly accompanies. The image of tenderness spread at dawn as the country prolonged an endless party.

Lionel Messi, after completing the award ceremony, sat in the Maracana Park and began a series of video calls with his family.

Antonella also posted a photo on her Instagram profile showing La Pulga exhausted after the match, but I am happy to achieve this goal so many times put off by competitors and negative results: to be a champion. The indelible smile was present, on the portrait of the captain, who for so long remained without anything or anyone being able to turn him away from his semi-intimate ritual despite the looks of hundreds of thousands on the television screens. some time with you.

HE Leo Messi and his wife Antonella Roccuzzo in a video call


HE Leo Messi and his wife Antonella Roccuzzo in a video call (Instagram /)

“Siro, look!” Messi shouted as he showed him the medal. After talking for a long time with his children and wife, he also called his father Jorge. Then yes, he allowed himself a lengthy conversation with his friend Neymar, in the tunnel on his way to the dressing room.

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