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A video of a woman in the United States has caused a stir on social media

A Racist video A woman criticizing the smell of Mexicans is viral Social Websites.

One user, davenewworld_2, reposted the woman’s video, identifying her as Holy Weaver Smith, owner of Sweet Savannah Boutique in Lexington. North Carolina.

In the video, “What is a dirty Mexican scent? The woman promises she’s not kidding, and says, “We’ve been to Mexico for a week, and since we’ve been back, we’re the smell of Mexicans.”

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“I sweat every time,” he said, “I’m getting Mexican sweat dirty.” The woman says she changed deodorants and “tried everything”. “It’s like having tacos under my arms, I’m an encilada with legs,” she continues when someone laughs.

“Does anyone know how I can solve this problem?” He asks. “I smell like a dirty Mexican now,” and insists someone can help him with his problem. At the end of the video, “Sweet Savannah Was live ”, and the address.

The post, which was picked up by buzz tv existing media, was filled with comments of outrage at the woman’s words.

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“Does he use soap or water? One of the users questioned.” They will no longer cover up their racism, “another pointed out.

In FacebookUsers joined in the outrage, urging people not to shop at Sweet Savannah, which identifies itself as a clothing store.

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Sweet Savannah’s pages have been disabled on both Facebook and Instagram.

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