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A US congressman strongly supported Donald Trump, but his son stole the spotlight

A US congressman strongly supported Donald Trump, but his son stole the spotlight

Guy Rose made funny faces during Congressman John Rose’s speech, diverting attention from Donald Trump’s impeachment. Credit: C-Span

A six-year-old boy stole the show in the United States House of Representatives last Monday. Guy RoseSon of a Congressman John RossHe made funny faces for the camera C-span When his father gave a speech. A Republican congressman from Tennessee is speaking out about the trial and sentencing of former President Donald Trump, who was found guilty of 34 counts of falsifying business records.

However, Rose’s message was overshadowed by her son’s actions on camera, unleashing many reactions on social media. As reported cnnThe video, posted on Monday, has been viewed more than 1.5 million times XAttracts many responses and reactions.

“I got this for asking my son Guy to smile for the camera for his little brother,” the congressman tweeted after causing a stir. Doug AndresSpokesperson for the Senate President, Mitch McConnellThe young man posted a screenshot of himself holding his hands in a triangle with the caption: “He knows something.”

During his speech, John Ross He criticized the former president’s conviction as a political persecution that concerned all Americans.

“Using the judicial system to persecute and punish a political party’s main candidate now running for president, particularly in relation to the allegations against him. Donald TrumpEvery member of this organization and every American in our country should be seriously concerned.

Guy Rose’s video has been viewed more than 1.5 million times on X since it was posted on Monday (John Rose).

Meanwhile, Guy Rose He sat behind his father and made a series of funny faces for the camera. At some point, Guy got bored and left the frame. “Sorry for my late reply to your email,” he wrote X Aaron Fritzner, communications director for Rep. Don Beyer, “was busy watching it over and over again,” he joked.

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Young Guy graduated from kindergarten last week and is visiting his father for a week. Rose’s youngest son, Sam, three, and his wife, Chelsea, are in Tennessee. The legislator also seemed unfazed by his boy’s antics and publicly accepted some responsibility.

USA Today He noted that the response on social networks varied from joy at seeing a friendly and playful face in such a formal setting to criticism of the seriousness of the moment.

“This is what I told my son to do to smile for the camera,” tweeted John Ross, about what happened (John Ross)

“Rose’s son is more mature than many of the regulars in the House of Representatives,” said Representative Dean Phillips. Others compared it to funny faces Andrew Giuliani During his father Rudy’s inauguration in 1994. “Big ‘Andrew Giuliani in 1994’ vibes,” he wrote Dan McLaughlinSenior Writer National Review.