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A timeline of the agreement between the Bugel government and the gangs

In May 2022, mainly thanks An audio Speaking with MS-13 leader Carlos Marroquín that bloody weekend, El Faro was able to reveal the reasons for that violent situation. Prior to the massacre, members of the police stopped a government vehicle in which MS-13 leaders were traveling and captured them. The mob gave them a 72-hour ultimatum to release them. When their demand was not met, they massacred 87 Salvadorans. By the end of that week, after nearly three years of secret agreements between gang members and Bugel’s administration, the talks had ceased. The exception rule is still in place this January 2023, and Bugel promises that it will end gangs. In ten months more than 60,000 people have been caught and all legal proceedings have been fully reserved. Hundreds of those people had no gang affiliation. While there are still many pieces to the deal with the gangs that Buchel made, big doubts loom over the future: Will Buchel achieve his goal of ending the gangs? Do the mobs still have the strength to respond as murderously as they did against Sánchez Ceren’s government in 2015? Will they mutate and become another type of criminal group?…

  1. 04/03/2022

    Victims of the most violent day of the century

    Nelson Rauda, ​​Jimmy Alvarado, Gabriela Caceres, Daniel Reyes and Oscar Martinez

  2. 05/17/2022

    Carlos Marogu’s audios reveal that the March Massacre was caused by a split between the government and the MS.

    Carlos Martinez

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