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A survey that measures dogs' health and well-being can make vet visits more efficient

A survey that measures dogs’ health and well-being can make vet visits more efficient

Since we started looking at our Pets As a family member, there is more and more Studies and research conducted to ensure your well-being, improve the quality of your life and extend its life. In this sense, Mars Petcare researchers have launched a tool capable of measuring health and well-being dog.

Teams from the Waltham PitCare Institute of Science and Banfield Pet Hospital conducted an experiment Assessment of the quality of life, health and welfare of pets. They did this with a questionnaire of 32 questions answered by the owners of 2,813 dogs from which information is elicited about their behavior and activity.

Once the results are processed, an overview of the dog’s health and well-being is obtained, including information and Data on animal energy levels, happiness, mobility, sociability, and appetite. “This project will allow us to obtain more accurate data on dog health and well-being,” Nefertiti Green, Head of Science and Diagnostics at Mars Petcare, says in a press release.

To implement the project, the results of the survey answered by the owners were compared with Bandfield’s medical records. for example, He agreed that motion and energy scores were lower in dogs with osteoarthritisas well as levels of social communication and happiness in dogs that are old or have chronic diseases.

The study remembers that they used it Two main questions: “Please tell us how each of these words would describe your dog as he/she is today” and “Please tell us how each of these words would describe your dog well at mealtime”; To collect information during the day and while eatingrespectively,” explains Vanessa Karalps, category and portfolio manager at Mars Iberia.

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After the main question, Animal owners had to rate the word on a scale of 1 to 7. Typical words for the first question are “active,” “painful,” “athletic,” and “happy,” among others; while the second words are “protective,” “excited,” and “hungry,” Caralps details.

Can be integrated into telemedicine applications used to schedule vet appointments

Although more research is needed to validate the questionnaire as a quality-of-life tool, the study demonstrates “the link between health and well-being, and that the tool can determine owner-perceived well-being effects”. “Completing this survey before going to a veterinary consultation can help make veterinary visits more efficient‘, adds the director of March Iberia.

In addition, from Mars Petcare, they considered that this study could serve as support for future applications or digital tools Veterinarians and owners can use it to more accurately and accurately track the well-being and health of dogs at any stage of life,

Can be integrated into health applications Dog owners can use it to assess their dogs’ well-being or in telemedicine apps used to schedule vet appointments,” concludes Karalps.