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A study warns that the Earth could turn on its axis

A study warns that the Earth could turn on its axis

London, United Kingdom.

An international team of researchers I found important evidence that the Earth salary polar shift in a cretaceous period, about 84 million years ago.

Scientists explain that the solid outer layer of the planet It can swing or even flip for the axis of rotation. The study was published in the scientific journal temper nature.

“A true polar shift will look as if it were Earth tilted sideways, and what’s really happening is that the entire planet’s rocky layer is spinning around the liquid, the outer core,” explains study author Joe Kirschvink, of Tokyo Institute of Technology Principle.

she was Sherry Fink and colleagues who realized that the data indicated a slope of at least 12 degrees.

The study also reveals that over the course of nearly five million years, the planet appeared is back to the starting position.

This observation represents the latest widely documented true polar shift and He questions the theory that the axis of rotation It has been fairly stable over the past 100 million years,” the scientists noted in their work published in the journal. Nature Connections.

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