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A science program for girls is making a difference in our society

A science program for girls is making a difference in our society

Latinas Leading Tomorrow (LLT), is a non-profit organization that aims to connect and expose young Latinas in middle and high school with opportunities that enrich their education and future.

In addition, the organization offers resources and opportunities in education, mentoring, and leadership development for young women.

The three LLT programs (Labs CORE, ELITE and Latina) They provide a safe space for young women to inspire and meet the godparents who become their mentors.

One of the three programs offered by LLT is The Latina Labs virtual program, led by Dr. Teresa Ramirez, a leading DC/MD/VA community scientist and LLT board member.

During June, Latinas Leading Tomorrow celebrated its tenth anniversary as a non-profit organization, founded by Mrs. Madeleine La Salle Frazier..

Science Program, Latin Labs

The virtual Latina Labs program focuses on exposing girls in grades 6-8 (high school) to science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics, which stands for STEAM.

Through donors and sponsors, materials for hands-on science activities at each Latina Labs session were purchased and delivered to participating girls. Some of the girls also received used computers that were donated to the Latinas Leading Tomorrow through Arcadia. The program was delivered roughly on Saturdays in June to 36 girls from the DC/MD/VA area.

During the program, 36 students selected to participate in Latina Labs learned important topics. For example, they learned how to code, space exploration and thermal blankets used in space satellites, as well as how to build a paper helicopter. In addition, they learned how wind generates clean energy and helps preserve our earth.

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Finally, the students were exposed to biology and chemistry on how the color of cochineal would change if basic or acidic solutions were used and how the pH level and color would change. Students loved this class about what cochineal is, how our ancestors used it and continue to use it to dye textiles and food, and how it is used in art.

Latina Labs mission

Latina Labs’ mission is to be able to teach students that dreams come true with a lot of effort and determination. They are also exposed to people from various industries in science who inspire students to pursue their dreams.

Participation in the Latina Labs program gives girls the chance to meet godmothers who can be their guides. Dr. Ramirez understands the importance of these kinds of opportunities because she is herself a first-generation Latina scientist from Los Angeles, California, and now lives in the DMV.

She and the Latinas Leading Tomorrow board would like to see some areas motivate girls, meet mentors, get inspired and learn about opportunities in science careers when they go to college.

Picnic Labs Latina

The girls held their personal celebration July 16 at the University of the District of Columbia where they earned their degree to participate in the virtual LLT program, Latina Labs.

The girls and their parents were also able to meet and mingle with volunteers, members of the LLT Board of Directors and some of their donors.

Participants were given backpacks containing books, a pencil and other surprises donated by various organizations. Eight girls who wrote in detail about each chapter in their notebook were selected and given a $25 Amazon card (cards were also donated).

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The Latinas Leading Tomorrow Board of Directors is grateful for all this support.


If you want to know more details about the work that Latina Leading Tomorrow does, visit the website https://www.latinasleadingtomorrow.org/. The Latina Labs application process will open in March or April 2023. Thank you for your support and if there are any donors who would like to help amplify this initiative next year, please donate here: https://www.mightycause.com/story/Latinalabs.