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A piece of my heart goes to heaven

A piece of my heart goes to heaven

It looks like the Fernandes family hasn’t had a good time in recent months, because The health of Don Vicente Fernandez is of great concern to themBut now someone has confirmed that he is going through a very painful mourning state.

That is, in the middle of the storm, it is now Alex Fernandez, the grandson of Charro de Huentitán, who left everyone with a lump in his throat uttering some shocking words that saddened his followers.

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“A piece of my heart goes to heaven… Zarita… my spoiled princess, my unconditional love, my girl… I wish God would give me a fortune to bring you back into my life again!”El Potrillo’s son began by saying.

and added, “You were one of the most loved beings in my life. Thank you for these amazing and unforgettable 17 years, I love you and will love you all my life… all the time…”Phrases a young man dedicates to his deceased pet.

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There is no doubt that he is a member of the ruling family Fernandez turned out to be an animal lover, so he couldn’t stop saying goodbye to this dog who, he says, has accompanied him for nearly two decades and who has been his companion on many adventures.

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