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A new scientific law that ignores the academic sector, accuses the dean of the UAQ Grupo Milenio

The current discussion of the initiativeHumanities, Science, Technology, and Innovation (HCTI) Common Law In the Congress of the Union, the academic community that generates knowledge and fosters innovation has been left on the sidelines, Teresa García, dean of the Autonomous University of Querétaro (UAQ) lamented.

During his participation “Thinking about University” in the newscast Presencia Universitaria broadcast by TvUAQ and Radio Universidad, The dean stated that since 2019 attempts have been made to reform the HCTI Act through five initiativesnone of which managed to get enough resonance to give the corresponding progression.

In light of this, and it is derived from the HCTI Law Initiative announced by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on December 13, 2022 that is Sponsored by the National Council for Science and Technology (CONASSET)He said that the academic community as a whole had indicated the need to discuss the aforementioned proposal through seven basic points that should be considered in such a discussion, In a rogatory letter delivered Jan. 11 to federal lawmakers.

We have made a proposal of seven important points that cannot be ignored and must be discussed. We have spoken with different MPs and MPs to get our feelings and arguments known. “It’s not a no, it’s a yes about how we combine,” said the rector.

Among the points made in the order: Acknowledgment of the human right to the benefits of science on the basis of freedom of inquiry; Establish clear foundations for coordination among the three levels of government to address problems related to the supreme humanitarian initiative; and an inclusive governance system with the participation of all sectors involved in scholarly activities (since the current proposal establishes a Conacyt-run body where the academic community does not participate in voting).

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Likewise, he suggests: Adequate and adequate funding for scientific work; the independence of public research centers (CPI); Listing of private higher education institutions (HEIs) to form part of the Scholars National Scheme (SNI); And Respect for intellectual authorship (since the HCTI Act does not consider this aspect).

García-Jasca also lamented that, based on the legislature’s vote last week to determine the methodology for open parliaments to discuss the HCTI Act, April 12 was set as the deadline for them to finish it, Which stems from not having enough invitation to properly discuss the proposal.

“We continue to insist on open dialogue in all respects. It was all appearances of Dr. María Elena Álvarez Buela, Director of Conacyt, to justify why the HCTI law was put in this way and not to include the well-supported views of the Academy. We want this reform to respond to the needs of our country,” said the Rector.