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A new geomagnetic solar storm has experts on alert for the consequences it could bring to Earth

A new geomagnetic solar storm has experts on alert for the consequences it could bring to Earth

Scientists began to observe A new geomagnetic solar storm Which could appear this weekend which could mean an appearance New northern lights In the sky of many United State As happened a few weeks ago.

he NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center I issued a geomagnetic storm watch alert this weekend, although it remains in place It is too early to know whether this phenomenon may reach the G5 level Like the one that caused the intense northern lights on May 10.

Observation conducted on the morning of Friday, May 31 revealed G1 levels, which could translate into visible northern lights in northern parts of the United States such as Michigan and Maine.

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But these solar storms can be just as well It causes minor impacts on satellites and electrical gridsNoah noticed.

This new geomagnetic solar storm will reach G2 level on Friday afternoon and during the early hours of June 1. Its origin is in the sunspot identified as 3697.

Northern lights

Northern lights

What causes solar storms?

The sun is approaching A The maximum solar phase of an 11-year cycle This has caused space weather to be very active, and is expected to continue to increase by 2025.

Strong solar flares are expected Explosions of billions of tons of plasma That the star will emanate and could produce increasingly intense northern lights in unexpected places.

“We’re approaching solar peak, and we’re not there yet, necessarily. So, yeah, this cycle is going to be interesting. We can definitely see the potential for more G4-level storms, but still… We can’t say that they will reach the G5 level “Because it is very rare and we do not have any new confidence measure.” Sean Dahlservice coordinator for NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center in an interview with Fox Weather.

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Auroras are northern when they occur in the Northern Hemisphere, and australis when they occur in the Southern Hemisphere.

Consequences that may result from a geomagnetic solar storm

despite of Solar storms are harmless to our planet, Existing technologies can be affected by their exposure to this phenomenon, which can be devastating.

During 2024, the planet will experience periodic solar phenomena that could directly affect communications; However, for a storm to become geomagnetic, several factors must combine, such as reaching a maximum point and persisting for several hours.