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A medical teacher took an exam with hidden answers and no one noticed

A medical teacher took an exam with hidden answers and no one noticed

Photo: TikTok video capture via @alexiisayala04

Professor Alexis Ayala, of Durango Autonomous University (AUD), who teaches neuroanatomy classes in the first year of his GM degree, shared a video on his account tik tok He showed that he put the final test answers into the same test and none of the students found out.

Alexis wrote in the registry and offered the tests, which were open-ended multiple-choice questions, to her students “when you are on the same exam you give your students the answers and none of them realize it.” It shows that on the last page, which had “rescue questions”, he pasted a handkerchief that read “Take it in case you need it” next to a picture of a crying person.

Then the teacher explained that inside that sheet there was a printout with 13 answers and with the message: “Curiosity did not always kill the cat, sometimes it found an answer to its doubts.”

Alexis Ayala’s “rescue questions” were also funny and original with things like: “What does it take for four people to wear an umbrella so they don’t get wet”, “Everyone knows them as Panchito, why?” and “Who is this pokemon?” Together with the shadow of Chikorita.

Among the comments, one of his students wrote: “I did not have time to take the napkin,” to which the teacher replied: “It went well for you, you did not need it, I was happy.” One teacher mentioned that she did something similar: “When I was a teacher, I gave them the correct answers with a point and they never realized it.”

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Alexis Ayala also replied to a comment in which the person indicated that the test was for awarding a degree to students, for which he explained: “It was a normal test, that is, the people who took it were students who did not achieve a grade 9 in the average of its three parts.”

The teacher pointed out that the value of the test is 30% because it does not seem fair that those who did not put in effort throughout the course got a good grade with one exam, so the remaining 70% were obtained from the average of three partial exams.

Regarding the test, he noted: “Yes, it is true that I asked multiple-choice questions, 13 of them and 37 open-ended, with a total of 50 questions. Of the 13 I gave the answers were wrapped in a napkin, as you saw, but unfortunately for my students, none of them noticed that , I also gave them five rescue questions, of which I set only one question as correct. So getting a good grade wasn’t as easy as it seems.”

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