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A Cuban grandmother asks for help to find the love of her life

A Cuban grandmother asks for help to find the love of her life

A A Cuban grandmother asks for help to find her childhood sweetheart and whom she considers the love of her life.

Sara RodriguezSancti Spiritus, who lives in Miami, is the elderly woman’s granddaughter and took to social media to find the man.

“This man was my grandmother’s childhood sweetheart. He would have been 86 years old today and he hadn’t heard from her in over 65 years.. We want to trace at least some of his relatives to know what happened in his life,” the woman said Facebook.

Lord’s name Humberto Cowley and a native of Guanabacoa, Havana. Sara shared a photo of herself with her grandmother, in which both of them would not have reached the age of 20.

Facebook screenshot / Sarah Rodriguez

“Ps: We promise no divorce if he gets married…” he quipped.

Social networks have helped many people find long-estranged family members.

In March, a father A Cuban resident living in Miami is asking for help to find his two daughters, whom he hasn’t seen since 1980..

The old man’s name is Miguel Ramos and his daughters Laura Ramos Ibarra, born in 1974, and Eva María Ramos Ibarra, born a year later, at Calle 106 No. 5702 57 and 59, Marianao, Havana.

A happy ending consisted of a quest A woman from the Czech Republic was able to trace her Cuban fatherApparently a resident of the province of Holguin, with whom he had had no contact for three decades.

A request posted on the Facebook group “Holquin & Mass” attracted the attention of many who helped contact the father and daughter.

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Another case is A Cuban woman searches for her mother, who gave her up for adoption when she was seven months old Mariel was born in 1980 before leaving the island during the evacuation.

Lydia María Cirino Hernández, a native of Villa Clara, lived in Madanzas before fleeing the country. Their daughter is seven months old and answers to the name Leticia Cirino Hernandez.

In August last year, the Ana Hernandez, a Cuban-American, asked for help in finding her father in Cuba.His mother, Caridad Aguiar Renovels, had immigrated to the United States in 1966 when she was pregnant with him, so he only knew her by his first name—Armando Ruiz Reguera.