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A Criterion in Neurosurgery Acting on President Guillermo Lasso in Miami |  Politics |  News

A Criterion in Neurosurgery Acting on President Guillermo Lasso in Miami | Politics | News

The operation, which lasted an hour and a half to two hours, was “moderately complicated”, as pointed out by the Presidential Secretariat for Communications a few days ago.

Dr. Bart Green, one of the world’s most valuable neurosurgeons, will act on President Guillermo Lasso on June 23.. You will get a procedure called a cystoperitoneal bypass, which takes one to one and a half to two hours.

Lasso traveled with him to Miami, USA on June 20 A small entourage of wife, Maria de Lourdes Alcavar and his security team.

The surgery is “moderately complex,” the President’s Secretary of State for Communications said in a statement a few days ago. It will take place at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.

Green was one of the founders of the Miami Project to Cure Stroke (Miami program to cure stroke (in Spanish), It is the largest spinal cord injury research center in the world and is located in the state of Florida. This is Leonard M. at the University of Miami. Miller is located in the facilities of the aforementioned hospital which is part of the School of Medicine, of which Green is the Director of the Department of Neurosurgery.

Prominent neurosurgeon Barth Green will act on President Guillermo Lasso in Miami, USA. Photo taken from www.themiamiproject.org

In 2013, Lasso broke his leg and fibula during a pilgrimage to Spain known as the Camino de Santiago. He performed an operation to heal the wound: “Unfortunately for me, the anesthesiologist made a mistake, punctured my dura mater and caused a hematoma in my quota equina (the last part of the spine), which caused me some painful leg pain for 45 days. I lost 30 pounds, I could not sleep, I was a little bit separated from the world, “the president told the agency. AFP A few months ago. In that case, they did two steps to get to the fracture.

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Four years later, the abrasion turned into cysts. In 2018 he underwent surgery at the Cleveland Clinic in the United States, where one was removed.

In an interview with this newspaper, The second president, Alfredo Porero, gives some details of the new move in Lasso. Porero is a neurosurgeon with a specialization in spinal surgery; Although he did not treat the President as a doctor, he knew his friend and his ailments because he had consulted with him about them on many occasions.

“A few years ago, in Spain, the president had a fracture of the tibia and fibula … they did an epidural puncture, at which point Dura was punctured and he bled,” he says.

He explains that an epidural or epidural puncture is a procedure (pin) for applying localized anesthesia to the lumbar region (lower back). It makes their body as numb as what is done to women who give birth by caesarean section.

The thorax is a membrane that covers the entire nervous system from the brain to the spinal column, spine and nerve roots.

“The president had a syringomyelia (syringomyelia, pit; honey, stem), a pit in the spine that contains cerebrospinal fluid, which forced him to have surgery at the Cleveland Clinic two years ago … he had two cysts, one of which was resolved, but The other is that it is not in the marrow, it is clear, it still exists, ”says Borero.

How is cystoperitoneal bypass performed? “They open two centimeters on his back, they reach the cyst through microsurgery (laparoscopy), they create a one-centimeter incision in the thorax and place a small tube (catheter) that runs from the cyst to the peritoneum, which covers the entire abdomen. The tube goes under the skin … and drains the fluid out of the cyst, “says Borero, who is one of the” bosses “of neurosurgery, the surgeon who intervened in Lasso.

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Dr. Borero explains that this cyst presses on the nerve that goes to the right leg, which prevents the transfer of energy to the muscle. That is why the head of state has to lean on the cane to walk.

According to the vice president, the surgery had not been done before because initially, the cyst did not grow. “The cyst is expected to be filled and stabilized by cerebrospinal fluid, but it has grown and now it is better to function.”

“One of the biggest surgeries a person can do is high, medium and low complications. It is a medium complex surgery. It takes an hour and a half or two … to stop the cyst from contracting and starting to transfer energy to the muscle, improving its muscle mass. The purpose is to get rid of the cane. In the Middle Ages ”.

Porero notes that Lasso, 65, will already be on his feet the day after the surgery; Immediately you will begin your rehab cycle, which includes strength training exercises, swimming, walking and some leg weights. You will continue to do it locally with your therapists.

President Guillermo Lasso does physical rehab every day. The film was released during the runoff campaign. Photo courtesy

The president will be in the United States for ten days. His return is scheduled for June 30.

As provided in the third paragraph of Article 144 of the Constitution, in an official letter dated June 15, the President announces his visit to the Legislature: Need to inform “. (I)