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A 70-Year-Old Man Thought He Won $100 Playing Powerball, But The Prize Was Actually $50,000

A 70-year-old man, an accountant, miscalculated when he saw how much he won in the Powerball lottery.. The man bought a ticket at a giant store in the city of Silver Spring for the May 3 raffle.

The day after the draw, he checked his ticket before going to work. At that time, he only saw that he matched three numbers and the red Powerball number. So he thought he only made $100.

At that time he went to the store to demand the money for his ticket, which he thought was small. but, He got the surprise of his life when he scanned his ticket and saw that it was not $100, but much more than that..

The fact is that the counter collided with four white balls and a red power ball, which gave him a prize of 50 thousand dollars.

And according to The Sacramento Bee, the state lottery said, “When the big winner shared his story with lottery officials, he still couldn’t believe his miscalculation.”

The lucky player said he would put most of his newfound wealth into a savings account And he will use another part to take a vacation.

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