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8 Android Apps You Should Delete Immediately

8 Android Apps You Should Delete Immediately

Although Google has an analysis system that aims to rate apps before they are made available in the Play Store, this is not infallible and sometimes, among the millions of options, some of them are dangerous for users. This is a case of 8 apps that have been identified as containing Joker malware and you should delete them immediately.

According to the Phone Arena portal, it was discovered that a total of eight popular Android apps should be uninstalled immediately because they put users’ device at risk.

To give you an idea of ​​how dangerous these apps are, we tell you that Joker is a malware, already known to aim to steal users’ personal data, from their mobile phone model data and their contact list to messages and even allows you to make phone calls.

And it’s not just about losing control of the activity on the smartphone, those who have fallen victim to this computer virus have also warned that it is able to enroll users in paid subscription services.

Despite the fact that this malware has already been identified and solutions capable of stopping it already exist, cybercriminals have dedicated themselves to creating some variants with the aim of continuing to harm and deceive more people.

Here is a list of Android apps that you should uninstall:

help message o Help message

Fast Magic SMS Fast Magical SMS

FreeCamScanner CamScanner is free

super message or a great message

Object Scanner o Object Scanner

go messages Or go to Messages

travel wallpapers o travel money

Super SMS

It has to be said that these apps have already been removed from the Play Store. However, that does not mean that they can no longer act on your phone and steal your information. Therefore, the recommendation is that if you recognize any of them, uninstall them immediately.

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In fact, if you start noticing strange behavior on your device, especially that it is much slower in performing tasks and the battery lasts less time, you should be very vigilant, you may already have installed a malware like Joker that does a huge job of clicking on different ads, so It tends to consume a lot of resources in the background.

How are you sure?

The first thing to say is that in the case of Android, cybersecurity companies have determined that some criminals create a legitimate app that is able to go through all Google reviews and then modify the code with an update that hides the malware.

It is also possible that the user is the one who downloads the application from a source other than the official store, since it must be remembered that Android, unlike iOS, allows downloading from third parties and not only from its platform.

So, to stay safe, the recommendation is, first, only download from the Play Store and check that the app has the Play Protect seal. But not only that, before downloading it is recommended to check the rating it contains as well as the comments of other users and finally the permissions it asks for. For example, if it’s a photo editing tool, it makes sense that it requires access to your gallery, but you don’t need to let it see your contacts.

Finally, do not forget to install security technology on all the devices through which you connect to the Internet. It is also advisable to keep the device up-to-date to avoid potential security issues.

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