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60 years at the forefront of medical teaching - Official government website of the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba

60 years at the forefront of medical teaching – Official government website of the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba

In the presence of Manuel Marrero Cruz, Member of the Politburo and Prime Minister of the Republic, the Central Decree of the 60th Anniversary of the founding of the Instituto Viktoria de Girone Basic and Pre-Clinical Sciences was held on Monday.

For the unconditional support of Cuban public health, a commemorative coin for the 60th anniversary of the Institute was awarded to General of the Army Raúl Castro Ruz and President of the Republic Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermúdez.

This activity was a tribute to Fidel Castro Ruz, the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, who on October 17, 1962 inaugurated the institution with the aim of training highly qualified doctors and dentists in the face of the exodus of professionals to the United States.

During a ceremony at the center converted in 2007 to the Victoria de Girona College of Medical Sciences, the distinction was awarded to Marrero Cruz and rebel army commander José Ramón Machado Ventura.
Also worthwhile are Dr. Roberto Morales Ojeda, Politburo member and Organization Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, and Dr. José Mayar Barrocos, Professor of Merit at the Centre, as well as its founders.

Photography: Marcelino Vazquez Hernandez

This was stated by Dr. Jose Angel Portal Miranda, Minister of Public Health “In these six decades, the professors and workers of the Graduate School became the vanguard of training health professionals in Cuba.” He highlighted the valuable contributions made to undergraduate education, with a relevant role in guiding the development of basic and biomedical sciences in the country, and postgraduate studies, through majors, diplomas, masters and doctoral degrees.

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“The center’s programs are constantly being improved, they provide new tools for the development of Cuban medicine”The minister, who called for making this anniversary a date for a commitment to defend health and life, said.

Dr. Nipaldo Hernandez Mesa, founder of the Institute, in his words honored the founders and especially Fidel Castro Ruz, the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, who founded the Foundation for Training of Professionals on Wednesday, October 17, 1962. He also noted important moments in its history such as the October crisis, and the departure of the first medical brigade To Algeria, contributing to medical education in Cuba and abroad, and contributions to scientific development.

Jannette Rodríguez González, Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, noted the high scientific and academic level she had demonstrated and highlighted the work done by her group during the COVID-19 pandemic. At the age of sixty, he advocated keeping the legacy of the Commander in Chief alive and asserted that he would remain the leading center of higher medical education in Cuba.

At the ceremony, Doctor of Science Juan Villa Valdés was awarded the private teaching class of Dr. Honoris Cusa of the University of Medical Sciences of Havana, adding the recognized professional to his countless merits, provided that he was a founding student of the Institute of Basic and Preclinical Sciences Victoria de Giron .

Photos from: Al Thawra Studio

Likewise, Professor and Dr. Jorge Gonzalez Pérez was awarded the Special Teaching Class of Honorary Professor of the University of Medical Sciences of Havana.

Photography: Marcelino Vazquez Hernandez

The Victoria de Girón School of Medical Sciences has also been awarded the Ethical Group status granted by the National Federation of Health Workers, and the institutions and personalities that have contributed to its development have been recognized.

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