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5 exercises that work the whole body at the same time |  Health |  magazine

5 exercises that work the whole body at the same time | Health | magazine

These exercises involve an integrated effort of the body.

If you have little time to complete training or achieve a full and effective job, there are some an exercise What can you include in your routine To work the whole body at the same time.

To develop strength or gain muscle mass is called exercises multi-hinged They are very useful, because they require several parts of the body and require effort from some muscles at the same time.

According to coach Pablo Pizzorno, Multi-joint exercises Not only can they help you perform the exercise in less time, but it is always important to keep them in mind as it requires all-out effort.

Exercises that work the whole body:

1. Abdominal plank

To do this, you must remain in the pushing position, but with your forearms on the floor.

This exercise that we can perform between 10 and 30 seconds allows to exercise the entire abdominal muscles, lower back, as well as the shoulders and arms to maintain the position required to perform it.

2. Squatting

This exercise focuses on working the lower body, and the abdomen and back also strive to maintain the position of the body. In addition, the quadriceps and quadriceps muscles are worked.

3. Push-ups

This exercise requires working the chest muscles, triceps, biceps, and deltoid muscles. In addition to the mid-body muscles to maintain their position.

4. Mountain climbers

In this exercise, the knees are alternately raised to the chest, working the shoulders, arms, stomach, pectorals and legs.

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5. Burpees

It’s a combination of squats and push-ups, as it consists of starting from a standing position and then doing a push-up, touching the floor with the chest and quickly returning to a standing position with a jump.

these Five exercises that allow the body to exercise comprehensively It also reduces the time it takes to complete training. (F)