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45 million people are on winter weather warning

45 million people are on winter weather warning

(CNN) – More than 45 million people in the Midwest and Northeastern United States are on the lookout for winter weather this Saturday, ahead of the hurricane system that will bring frost to the region over the weekend.

Many Midwestern states, including Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana and Michigan, are expected to experience snow or rain. The northeastern states in question, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Connecticut will experience snow or rain, with the exception of mountains in Vermont and New Hampshire. In Lake and Lake Ontario, the lake effect will be snowfall as well.

This mixed rainfall forecast comes in the wake of a winter storm that will hit the Atlantic and northeastern midlands.

According to National Meteorological Service, There may be ice accumulations “up to one foot” (over 30 cm) in the downstream from the Great Lakes, and winds of up to 56 kph, creating slippery ice.

“It can be very difficult to travel with deep fog and very poor visibility on the roads. Dangerous conditions can affect travel on Monday morning or afternoon,” the advice says.

Chicago, St. Louis, Baltimore and Philadelphia are included in these announcements. Snowfall is forecast for Saturday morning in Missouri and northern Arkansas, before moving to the Illinois and Ohio River Valley in the afternoon and evening. 2.54 mm of ice is possible in these areas.

According to the Meteorological Center, “even a single layer of frost can become dangerous on untreated surfaces.”

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From this Saturday night to Sunday morning, this frost is expected to move northeast. In the evening, when the temperature is expected to be below freezing, the snowfall will be slightly higher.

According to the Baltimore National Weather Service, “the cold conditions that lead to this event can create dangerous conditions for anyone traveling at this time.”

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