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Poet Delfin Prats-Bobo, editor Natividad Alvaro Pena, and physician Francisca López-Severa. Pictures: Facebook, Miguel Rubiera Justiz and Ismail Batista Ramirez

The 2022 National Prizes for Literature, Publishing, Social Sciences and Humanities were unanimously awarded yesterday afternoon, respectively, to Delfin Prats Bobo, Natividad Alvaro Pena and Francisco López Severa.

A jury that met at the Center Dulce María Loñaz and was chaired by Abel Prieto Jimenez (Literature), Omar

Valiño (for publication) and Pedro Pablo Rodríguez (Social Sciences and Humanities), poet, narrator and translator Prats Pupo « endorsed the importance of his lyrical work in the panorama of national literature, which made him worthy of being an influence among the new. generations.”

At López Civeira, he distinguished his contributions to national history through his extensive work published in more than a dozen books, dozens of articles, and

In addition to her long career as a professor at the University of Havana.

In Álvaro Pena, he highlights the nearly half-century long career of Editorial Oriente, with an extensive list of titles by notable Cuban writers that made his specialization in historical subjects a work of wide cultural resonance.

In an animated voice, Delfin Prats told Granma his gratitude for the award, which he “didn’t expect.” “I lived to write,” he said, describing the profession to which he devoted his life as a charm that not only makes us feel good, but also causes pleasure. To sum up, making that happen is what I do.

When I spoke with Natividad Alvaro Pena, she told us that for more than 40 years she has dedicated herself to publishing books on various subjects, particularly history. He said: “My work is my passion, and if I were to be reborn, I would choose this profession, anonymous because it is convenient.”

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“The first thing that came to my mind when I heard the news was that I was a university student because there was a revolution. The humble origins of my family did not allow me in those times,” Dr. López-Sivera (also 2008 recipient of the History Prize) told Granma. “One inevitably thinks of the colleagues who have already won it and then feels doubly grateful for that,” he added.

The prizes will be officially awarded at the 31st Havana International Book Fair – 2023.