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2-year-old orders 31 hamburgers in the US on his mom's phone

2-year-old orders 31 hamburgers in the US on his mom’s phone

An American mother living in Texas was surprised when a delivery man appeared at her door in total 31 hamburger From a famous fast food restaurant he had apparently ordered.

Kelsey Golden, who works at a local school, thought it was a delivery man error, who mixed the tabernacle, Until he looked at his son Barrett, He’s two years old, Champ told CNN, and remembered playing with his phone.

“I walked in (in the house) and looked at my phone and saw that an order was made while (Barrett) was playing on my phone. I thought oh my god, he really did thisGolden explained.

The accidental demand was off the line because “Nobody in our family likes a cheeseburger,” Golden said. So he decided to post an announcement on his Facebook page Free cheeseburger.

Total cost of ordering a household $91.70 (just over a hundred euros) An amount that, according to Golden, would have been lower were it not for the fact that the little boy added to the order “Generous tip” at 25%.

Apparently, Barrett loves to play with his mother’s phone and, above all, think about the camera, but on this occasion, since he was not blocked, the little boy had access to an app Order online and order all 31 burgers.

The event spread widely, and the owners of the chain of fast food restaurants where orders were given for hamburgers decided to invite the whole family to visit the premises and enjoy a meal of chicken “nuggets”.

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