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14GB + unlimited internet early in the morning

14GB + unlimited internet early in the morning

Cuban telecommunications company Etecsa has launched a new international recharge offer for almost the entire month of March.

The offer will be valid from March 4 to 31 and does not come with discounts like those in previous months.

ETECSA Recharge Summary

– Customers in Cuba who recharge between 500 COP and 1250 COP will receive additional rewards of 14 GB (all networks) and unlimited internet (from 12:00 AM to 7:00 AM) consumed within 30 days.

– The recharged amount will be directed to your main balance, extending the life cycle of your mobile line to 330 days.

-This international recharge offer also does not apply to recharges made in MLC stores or using the USD account in the MiTransfer wallet.

Other details about the ETECSA MARCH promotion

In order to take advantage of these recharge rewards, customers must have between 500 and 1,250 cups (about $22 USD).

In case the Customer has existing rewards from previous promotions (data (GB) and/or unlimited data), the data will be aggregated with the corresponding reward for this promotion and its expiry date will be 30 days after such recharge.

For unlimited data, its expiry date will be extended by 30 days, starting from this recharge.

There will be no extension of the effective date of Minimum Rewards and/or SMS.

Applicable bundled plans and LTE packages (national and international), once a recharge is received, extend the validity date to 30 days.

The international transhipment locations agreed with ETECSA are:



Sakuba Recharge




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